12 signs spring has arrived in cottage country


Spring has sprung! And although it comes a little later some parts of cottage country than others, there are unmistakable signs that you’re seeing the tail end of winter.

1. In a word: black flies.

2. In another word: mosquitoes.

3. The short-lived—and wonderful—miracle of watching the woods fill up with trilliums.

4. Your yard turning into a treasure trove of missing Frisbees, pool noodles, and dog toys.

5. The roar echoing across the lake is an outboard motor, not a snowmobile.

6. Moose by the side of the road, enjoying the last of winter’s delicious salty run-off.

7. The birds are suddenly a lot louder in the morning.

8. Seasonal ice cream stores spring to life, reviving your addiction to hot fudge sundaes. (Here’s where to find the best spots in cottage country.)

9. The local hardware store has run out of roofing nails, propane, deck sealant, and mousetraps.

10. Your property maintenance go-to guy is booked until 2025.

11. You’re able to marvel once again at the ability of squirrels to hide acorns anywhere.

12. You revisit your obsession with once-every-ten-minutes traffic reports—and you’re convinced that this is the year you’ll find the secret route around the construction.

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