15 signs you’re ready for summer

Feet in the sand

While the Canadian winter is technically only three months long, it feels like it lasts the whole darn year—with the exception of black fly/road construction season, of course.

So it’s no surprise that we’re super-ready for the warm weather by the time it rolls around. Here are a few signs you may have experienced.

1. The shorts are out and the sandals are on. Who cares if it’s March 23 and there’s still snow on the ground? Winter’s over, baby!

2. You don’t care if you never eat anything pumpkin-spiced again. Bring on the salads and fruit.

3. On weekends, you can usually be found sitting on your dock. Never mind that it isn’t actually sitting in the water yet.

4. You sit in your boat—still on land—making motorboat sounds with your mouth.

5. You’re wearing sunglasses all the time. Your co-workers wonder if you’ve gone blind.

6. You’ve hidden the kids’ copy of Frozen, because another season of driving north with Elsa and Anna on in the car will drive you bughouse.

7. You get a wave a nostalgia when you smell bug spray.

8. Your Pinterest feed has exploded with pictures of sandals, campfires, garden swings, boats, and kids’ crafts. Oh, and endless recipes for lemonade.

9. You’re so sick of cold you’ve started refusing to put ice cubes in your drinks.

10. You’re done with hockey—even if you’re not a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

11. You’ve developed a three-tube-a-day Chapstick addiction.

12. The idea of zipping up your winter coat for one more day brings you to weeping hysteria.

13. You can’t quite remember what it feels like to leave the house without a coat on.

14. You’ve gotten kicked out of the drugstore for spending half an hour smelling the suntan lotion.

15. You’ve already had one patio session this year—in a coat and hat. And boots. And mittens. Drinking a hot toddy.

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