Would you drink this Nova Scotia brewery’s lobster beer?

Saltbox beer Photo courtesy of Saltbox Brewing Company

A Nova Scotia brewery is putting a very Maritime twist on their next batch of beer: they’re infusing it with lobster.

The unusual brew will be called Crustacean Elation and is currently fermenting at Mahone Bay’s Saltbox Brewery. While some are skeptical about the beer’s unusual flavour, the brewery is optimistic that it will be a hit.

Brewing with lobster
Photo courtesy of Salt Box Brewing Company/Instagram

“There’s lots of curiosity around it. I think we’ll have lots of people out to try it and we’re anxious to try it ourselves,” spokesperson Patrick Jardine told the Toronto Star.

The unusual batch was made with real lobster — first added to the mash and then again during pasteurization. The brewers are hopeful that experienced lobster eaters and novices alike will be able to taste the crustacean in the finished brew.

“Before fermentation we could definitely smell and taste the essence of lobster, so hopefully that carries through into the final product,”said Jardine.

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The production of the beer coincides with lobster season and, if it’s a hit, Jardine says they may make it an annual tradition. As to why they decided to brew it in the first place, he told The Star that it was just an idea they’d been talking about for a while.

“We said, ‘Hey why not?’ The Maritimes is all about lobster, and lobster and beer go together, so let’s marry them up.”

There are certainly some unusually flavoured beers out there, but lobster might just take the cake.

What do you think? Would you try lobster beer?


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