A man is filing a lawsuit in B.C. asking the government to acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot

Zoomed-in shot on blurry hairy form in the forest Photo courtesy of Sylvanic

“Stand up Fish and Wildlife, and I will show you a Sasquatch.”

This is the challenge that Todd Standing, the director of the documentary Discovering Bigfoot, is issuing to the B.C. government. The director claims that his documentary proves the existence of Bigfoot (AKA Sasquatch) and is demanding that governments in B.C,. Alberta, and California do a wildlife management report.

“I’ll take out anybody. I’’ll challenge them. I don’t even need to go to court,” Standing told the Weather Network. “Just show some intestinal fortitude somebody, and stand up Fish and Wildlife, and I will show you a Sasquatch. No problem. If I fail, you’ll never hear from me again.”

Discovering Bigfoot is a new entry in the long debate over whether Bigfoot — a hairy humanoid creature that is said to live in the forests of North America — actually exists.

“The Discovering Bigfoot documentary, combined with additional eyewitness testimony from individuals from all walks of life, including doctors, engineers and biologists, and DNA evidence and fingerprint analysis, present what researchers are calling undeniable proof that this species exists,” Sylvanic, which is Standing’s company, wrote in a press release.

Standing has filed a civil lawsuit in B.C. alleging the B.C. government is in “dereliction of duty” for ignoring what he claims is proof of Sasquatch’s existence. He has also filed a similar lawsuit in California and says he has similar intentions in Alberta, where he is originally from.

Speaking to Global News from California, Standing said, “There’s a date set so we’re going in with PhDs, with wilderness experts beyond myself, with wildlife biologists, with fingerprint experts. We’re going to prove so beyond a reasonable doubt that this species exists.”

“When we prove that and we’re successful, the species will be recognized as an Indigenous wildlife species and then fish and wildlife — in California, in Canada, in the United States, everywhere — will have to start recognizing this species and studying them, doing biological surveys.”

Shot of alleged Sasquatch face in the forest
A still from Discovering Bigfoot showing an alleged Sasquatch. Photo courtesy of Sylvanic.

The few scientific studies that have been conducted on the existence of Bigfoot in the past have generally concluded that the species does not exist. A study in the

Journal of Biogeography in 2009 found that Bigfoot’s “ecological niche” overlapped almost exactly with that of the black bear, and concluded that most reported Bigfoot sightings are probably mistaken black bear sightings. A genetic study of 30 hair samples believed to come from Sasquatch, Yeti, and other “anomalous primates” in 2014 found that they all came from animals, including one sample from a human.

Nevertheless, Standing believes he can convince a court that the animal exists, using video footage, physical evidence, and witness reports. “Multiple witnesses. It’s a slam dunk. A court of law is no joke,” he told the Weather Network. “I’m taking it very seriously. This species exists.”

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