Where to stop for donuts, sprinkled throughout cottage country

Cottage time is best spent relaxing and treating yourself, and what better way to indulge than with a freshly-baked dozen? No cottage trip is complete without stopping for local baked goods—and lucky for you, Ontario is home to some of the best glazed and sprinkled treats around. Whether you’re simply grabbing a snack, picking up a box for yourself, or being the best guest ever and bringing some for your host, there’s always an excuse to stop for donuts. Here are the best places to grab a donut (or a dozen) on your next trip to the cottage.

Stiemar Bread in Windsor, Ont.

Serving the Essex County area since 1959, Stiemar Bread boasts an extensive menu of mouthwatering baked goods that no sweet tooth will be able to resist. And the standout option? You guessed it—their donuts. Stiemar has an extensive selection, ranging from classic vanilla to maple to Boston cream. Plus, you can get your favourite flavour embellished with topping choices like coconut, chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, or sliced almonds. If you’re in the mood for something fruity, Stiemar claims their fritters are “unparalleled,” and offer three flavours: apple, blueberry, and cranberry. Fritters are a breakfast food, right? Asking for a friend…

Dooher’s Bakery in Campbellford, Ont.

In the little town of Campbellford, Ont., you’ll find donut heaven: Dooher’s Bakery. Family-owned and operated since 1949, Dooher’s is a longstanding part of the community, and their famous donuts are a staple for many local cottagers. Flavours like orange twist, cinnamon sugar, Dutchie, and maple walnut dip offer plenty of ways to indulge your sugar cravings. Dooher’s was voted the Sweetest Bakery in Canada in 2018, and with donuts often selling out before noon on weekends, it’s not hard to imagine why. Their cream-filled donuts are the standout, but we won’t judge you for trying every flavour—just to be sure.

Hank’s Pastries in Port Perry, Ont.

If you’re on the hunt for some decadent flavours, look no further than Hank’s Pastries. Hank’s has a huge selection of specialty donuts, with options like banana cream pie, peanut butter and jelly, carrot cake, caramel churro, and more. For the fall-lovers, keep an eye out for Pumpkin Spice when the leaves begin to turn. Perhaps the most popular flavour is the butter tart donut—complete with a rich, creamy butter tart-flavoured centre and sweet maple glaze. With so many options to try, Hank’s Pastries will have you coming back for more, again and again. 

Healthy Food Technologies in Almonte, Ont.

Don’t let the name fool you—“healthy” doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavour or decadence. Owner and inventor Ed Atwell’s donuts have 50-70 percent less fat than the average coffee shop donut and taste just as good. Healthy Food Technologies is constantly changing its specialty flavours, but some standouts include s’mores, mango, coconut keylime, caramel and chocolate sea salt, and Oreo. They often have seasonal and holiday-themed offerings, such as fall flavours, like maple pumpkin, and vegan options available.

The Bakery in Gravenhurst, Ont. 

Heading to the Muskoka region? You’ll want to make a pit stop at the Bakery. Always fresh, donuts here are made daily and are likely to sell out quickly—they recommend calling ahead to order if you know exactly what you want. This family-owned shop has been serving the Gravenhurst community since 1959, and its recipes have been tried and tested over generations. A wide range of options offers something for everyone, from simple classics to specialty treats. 

Holland Bakery in Thunder Bay, Ont.

Another family-owned and operated donut joint, Holland Bakery has been a sweet presence in Thunder Bay since the late 1950s. Their Persians and honey-glazed donuts are well-known and beloved in the community, making this a must-stop on your next road trip. While you’re there, try a cinnamon twist, hot cross bun, danish, and a loaf of fresh bread. 

Silver Stream Farms in Port Sandfield, Ont. 

Though primarily a farmers’ market and general store, Silver Stream Farms also has a bakery with a simple but sweet selection. From fresh breads to butter tarts and cinnamon rolls to sticky Chelsea buns, you’ll be covered from breakfast to dessert with a stop at Silver Stream. Their donuts come in classic flavours like blueberry and cinnamon; perfect for a sweet, light snack. We dare you to try and eat just one! 

Tragically Dipped in Peterborough, Ont.

New to the donut scene, the cleverly-named Tragically Dipped opened its doors to the Peterborough community in April 2022. The shop prides itself on simple, classic flavours, including honey-glazed, maple-glazed, vanilla sprinkle, chocolate dip, cinnamon, and apple fritters. Every month, Tragically Dipped has two specialty donut flavours made to support local organizations; they donate one dollar for each specialty donut sold to its chosen place to support that month. 

Frosted Flour Co. in Port Hope, Ont.

Searching for donuts that look as good as they taste? Frosted Flour Co. has you covered. These donuts are truly works of art, and we bet you’ll find yourself snapping a picture before you take a bite. Flavours of the week mean there are always new tastes to try, and with options like vanilla Chai, apple cider, and Oreo cheesecake, you’ll constantly be checking the menu to see what’s new. You can order a half-dozen donuts ahead of time—which we recommended if you’re set on trying all the flavours.

Don’s Bakery in Bala, Ont. 

Established in 1947, Don’s Bakery has been a constant treat for locals and cottagers alike in Bala. This donut shop is an active part of the community—it’s established a fundraising program and collaborates with local schools, teams, and organizations by providing fresh-baked goods. Though they carry many other enticing offerings, such as bread, cookies, and pies, it’s the donut selection that will have you stopping at Don’s again and again. There are all the classic flavours, plus some standouts like coconut, cinnamon crullers, sugar twists, and chocolate eclairs.

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