Butter tarts and bakeries worth the drive

Butter tarts on a baking sheet Photo by Matthew Clemente/Shutterstock

Runny filling, or jiggly? Raisins, or not? What’s the ideal pastry-to-filling ratio? The points for debate go on and on. There’s absolutely no doubt that there are many superlative butter tart spots in Ontario, but after asking from your top spots on social, here are the top 10 bakeries serving butter tarts in cottage country.

Want to see even more favourites? We made a map featuring all of the bakeries you shared.

The Cornball Store in Magnetawan

It’s a bakery. It’s an ice cream store. It’s a spot to get oven-ready meals (including pizza!) and Empire cheese. Oh, and they also make delicious pretzels. But really, The Cornball Store in Magnetawan is possibly best known as “the butter tart store” or, as one reviewer said, “Best butter tarts in the history of butter tarts.” Seems like a pretty solid endorsement.   

Hidden Goldmine Bakery in Madoc

Oh, boy. Not only does Hidden Goldmine have a variety of butter tarts (traditional, raisin, pecan and, gasp, raspberry), but they have squares, pies, cakes, cookies, scones, cinnamon buns, and so many good baked things that you probably shouldn’t limit yourself to just butter tarts. Also, there’s ice cream served out of the back of the store. Just saying. 

Henrietta’s Pine Bakery in Dwight and Huntsville

Not only are is this bakery known for butter tarts “that would make your soul cry,” but Henrietta’s (with locations in both Dwight and Hunstville) are also famous for their melt-in-your-mouth sticky buns. If you’re not feeling like something sweet, they have quiche, paninis, meat pies and soup—perfect for lunch. Of course, you should follow your lunch with a butter tart. 

Wilkie’s Bakery and Pizza in Orillia

A filling that’s a little runny (but not too runny), along with flaky pastry and slightly crispy bits on the edge of crust make Wilkie’s butter tarts “world-famous.” While their butter tarts are their claim to fame, Wilkie’s also makes pie, Chelsea buns, squares, and a whole host of savoury treats, including must-try pizza slabs and sandwiches. 

Doo Doo’s in Bailieboro

Doo Doo’s has a long list of awards to back up their reputation of having some of the very best butter tarts in the province: they’ve won awards from the Royal Winter Fair, CBC’s The Goods Butter Tart Taste-Off, the Kawarthas Northumberland Buttertart Tour, and the Canadian Food Championship in Edmonton. And while their plain butter tarts are fantastic, you can also get adventurous: they bake flavours including black currant, cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter, maple whiskey, and maple bacon.

13th Street Winery in St. Catharines

Wine and butter tarts? Better yet, wine and butter tarts that won House and Home magazine’s Canada’s Best Butter Tart competition in 2017? Yes, please. 13th Street is a great spot for a day trip: taste some wine, grab lunch at their outdoor bistro, then wander the sculpture garden while noshing on homemade treats from the bakery. 

Don’s Bakery in Bala

Located at Portage Landing in Bala for more than 70 years, Don’s Bakery is family-owned and makes its tasty treats from scratch. While they’ve definitely got butter tarts worth trying, their other offerings—blueberry tarts, apple fritters, doughnuts, and sausage rolls— are a big draw as well.

Kawartha Buttertart Factory in Douro-Drummer

Kawartha Buttertart Factory doesn’t just make butter tarts—there are also pies, apple fritters, cinnamon rolls and squares, along with other deliciousness—but since it’s in their actual name, you probably shouldn’t visit KBF without trying out a tart. Choose from a classic plain, or get fancy with maple bacon, crispy coffee, or caramel chocolate.  

Quaker Oaks Farm in Sebright

Known by some as the Betty Boop store (for the person-sized Betty Boop figure out front), Quaker Oaks’ bright red roadside shop is part of the Kawartha Lakes Butter Tart Tour. Not only are they delicious (and popular) tarts, but, according to the farm’s Facebook page, they’re a lovely reminder of a lady named Mrs. Waldron, “the kindest, most wonderful person.” 

Chez Jean-Marc Bakery in Sturgeon Falls

Chez Jean-Marc is a must-stop if you’re in Sturgeon Falls, especially if you’re looking for gluten-free treats and prepared food like lasagna. Yes, their butter tarts are delicious, but if it’s blueberry season, do not leave the bakery without a blueberry pie. Also a must-try treat: cinnamon swirl cookies made with pie dough known in French as “pets de soeur.”

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