Weekly social media roundup: The best posts on the internet

It’s a tough time for everyone right now. Whether you’re social distancing, in self-isolation, or under an official lockdown, chances are you aren’t living the normal day-to-day life you’d like. And although we can’t change any of it, we can help to make your new (temporary) lifestyle a happy, cheerful one thanks to social media.

We’re kicking off a new weekly feature all about the funniest, most heart-warming social posts we’ve seen over the weekend. (Almost all of them include animals because how could a cute pup not brighten your day?) Make sure to share this with a friend or family member who could use a little boost right now. Let’s come together digitally and make each other laugh.

1. We all want to be this dog:

2. This bear caught on camera:

Down the old Skidder trail a little further 😁

Posted by Paul’s Game Cam Pics on Monday, February 24, 2020

3. Ninja squirrels!

4. We suggest singing along if you’re bored. (Sound on.)

5. If there’s snow where you are right now, go outside and enjoy it.

6. We could stare at these images all day.

7. This Pomeranian is everything. (Sound on.)

@mochapomIt wasn’t me 😎✌🏽 ##pomeranian ##dog♬ original sound – devinfox22

8. Dog + music = instant smile. (Sound on.)

@oakleythegoldenpuppy##fyp♬ Yeah! – Usher / Lil’ Jon

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