If looks could kill, these stealthy frogs would stop bugs in their tracks

If I was an insect, and I saw two beady eyes poking out from underneath a lily pad, you can bet I wouldn’t be sticking around. In this eat or be eaten world, frogs have superbly adapted to their watery environments.

Their large bulging eyes, positioned on the top of their head give them a wide-angled visual field. While their lower transparent eyelid, allows them to remain in the water with their head only partially exposed.

It’s one of many physiological adaptations frogs have made to stay alive and thrive. Their long, sticky tongues are attached to the front of their mouth and can be flicked out quickly to grab unsuspecting prey. While you might be tempted to interrupt a stealthy frog on the hunt, to save a dragonfly, remember in the food chain, frogs in their tadpole form are also prey for certain types of dragonflies. At the end of the day, a frog’s gotta eat.

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