Weekly social media roundup: The best posts on the internet


How are your first couple of weeks social distancing treating you? Have you been FaceTiming your family? Zoom-ing in for work meetings? Going down a never-ending rabbit hole of memes and gifs? You can bet we have—and we’ve put together the funniest social media posts we found to give your day a little boost.

So whether you’re lounging in your “daytime” pyjamas or haven’t showered in five days (we won’t tell), click through this social media round up for a good time. (And if you missed last week’s, find it right here.) Make sure to share with a friend or family member the next time you chat, because, let’s be honest, we all need something new to talk about.

1. A new way to describe social distancing:

2. Snowshoe art sent in by one of our readers, Kim Asmussen:

Check out the incredible snow shoe art made by Kim Asmussen on Walkers Lake, in Schreiber, ON.

Posted by Evan's Fishing Edge on Saturday, March 21, 2020

3. You’ll never need to pay for a spin class again:

4. Our idea of entertainment has met an all-new low:

5. This is one taste-test we’d love to have:

6. Can’t head out to the barn? Get your horse fix here:

7. An easy DIY project—all it requires is a shopping trip in your own backyard!

8. If you’ve binge-watched Tiger King on Netflix, you’ll want to do the same:

9. This rainbow is bringing all the hope, love, and joy we need right now:

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