Weekly Hack: Remove sap from Fido’s fur

By dezy/Shutterstock

Tree sap is notoriously tough to get off cars, furniture, clothing, and, well, pretty much everything. Including your dog. If Fido gets sap in his fur or on his paws, here’s how to get it out—before he eats it (not safe), or forest debris gets stuck to the stuff and forms an ever-growing clump of pebbles and pine needles (not comfortable).


If the sap has hardened, soften it with a hair dryer. Use the lowest setting. Then, use olive, vegetable, or mineral oil—or even smooth peanut butter—to loosen the sap. Massage the oil into the fur and let it sit for a few minutes then use your fingers or a comb to work the sap out of the fur. Wash the sappy, oily fur with pet shampoo and water, and rinse clean. 


Use the same oil-and-shampoo procedure to loosen and remove sap clinging to the furry areas between your pooch’s toes. For stubborn bits, use surgical clipping blades—not scissors—to (very carefully) trim the fur around the paw pad. Unless you have shaky hands. In that case, hit the groomers. You don’t want to clip too close to the pad; your dog needs at least some toe fur for protection.

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