Warm drink for a cold day: White Hot Russian

Coffee with whipped cream in glass mugs Goskova Tatiana/Shutterstock

Four ingredients combine to make a delicious and decadent warm drink. Equally great for aprés ski, as a reward post-shovelling, or for a quiet cottage weekend—sip it by the fire or enjoy it outside on the deck. Falling snow is optional, but highly encouraged. 

White Hot Russian
The Dude would definitely abide this wintery version of the classic. 

3 oz hot coffee
1 oz vodka
¾ oz Kahlúa
2 oz whipped cream

In a glass coffee mug, mix the first three ingredients together, then carefully spoon on the whipped cream.

This recipe originally appeared in the Winter 2019 issue of Cottage Life as part of our winter package, 101 Ways to Love Winter at the Cottage.

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