Wandering moose puts school under lockdown

Moose puts school in lockdown

Last week, two schools in Orillia, Ont. were put in hold-and-secure mode after an intruder wandered on school property. Weighing over 600 pounds, the threat was a young, female moose.

After the moose was spotted near Monsignor Lee Catholic School and Patrick Fogarty Catholic School, the students at both institutions were ordered to stay in their classroom as emergency crews dealt with the situation. The moose was approximately two years old.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources spokeswoman Jolanta Kowalski, local police closed roads in the area and were assisted by the ministry. MNR staff tranquilized the moose and relocated it 30-kilometers north of the city to Swift Rapids. The moose reportedly did not suffer any injuries and was running shortly after being released.

While it’s not uncommon for bears in northern Ontario to put schools in lockdown mode after they roam too close to the classroom, it’s much more rare when a moose is the culprit. 

The schools were in hold-and-secure mode for about an hour.