Moose gets VIP treatment with police escort in Manitoba

Moose gets police escort out of Brandon, Man.

Police convoys are usually reserved for politicians, celebrities or protected materials, like gold or maple syrup.

But for a brief moment earlier this month, one moose in Brandon, Man., joined the upper echelon when it received its own full police escort.

The VIP moose was first spotted roaming about town at 3:30 a.m. The Brandon police had hoped the animal would leave town by sunrise, but by 7:20 a.m., the moose was still on the loose. With morning traffic starting to pick up, the police realized they’d have to give the young bull a little nudge.

The police came out in full force. Officers on foot and cruisers surrounded the moose and ushered it out of town and back into nature. After some wrangling, the police were able to safely remove the moose.

The mating season for moose usually takes place during the first two weeks of October, a time in which young bulls can become curious and dangerous.

“He was seen in good condition, heading out of town,” Brandon police Sgt. Dallas Lockhart told Global News. “Nobody got hurt, including the moose.”

Lockhart went on to say that while it’s not uncommon for moose to wander into Brandon, this was the second time this particular moose was spotted in town.

And now that the moose has had a taste of VIP status, who knows what the bull will expect next. Artisanal antler polish? Fancy fruits? Special access to the watering hole?

Moose gets police escort in Brandon, Man.
Moose gets police escort in Brandon, Man.