Thermo Tents promise to regulate inside temperatures, reduce outside noise

Derek O’Sullivan always loved camping, but he had one major gripe.


He hated how once the temperature dropped at night, his tent transformed into a freezer. And then in the early morning, it would feel like a sauna. And when he stayed at larger campsites, the tent provided no barrier to all the outside noises.

Rather than giving up camping, however, O’Sullivan decided to do something about his problems with tents.

Enter the Thermo Tent, a thermally and acoustically insulated tent.

The Thermo Tent helps regulate the temperatures inside the tent no matter the weather, while also muffling any outdoor noises. From the outside, the Thermo Tent looks like any other regular tent. But on the inside, there’s an “Inner Tent” that’s made using innovative insulation technology. The Inner Tent is made from two layers of highly breathable poly-cotton, which limits the amount of condensation that causes change in temperatures. It also reduces noise transfer by about 35 decibels.

There are four different versions of the Thermo Tent available. The most family-friendly is the Thermo Tent 6, which is divided into two rooms and has four side windows and two doors. At 48-kilograms, this tent is probably not the most ideal for backpacking or long hiking trips. (However an incorporated vacuum system sucks out about 35 percent of the extra bulk.)

The Thermo Tent is somewhere in-between a tent and a cabin—and the price reflects that too. Version 6 costs around $2,500 CAD.