B.C. teen uses kitchen knife to fight off bear attacking his dog

We have a pretty good idea who the new toughest kid is at one Port Coquitlam high school. It’s Pierce Ormiston, a 15-year-old who stabbed a black bear to save his dog.

The stand-off took place last week at Ormiston’s home in Port Coquitlam. The 15-year-old told Metro News that at around 8:30 p.m., he let his dog Dublin outside into the family’s backyard. A couple minutes later, he heard the dog barking in a way Ormiston’s never heard before. He knew something was up.

“I went outside…and I just see a bear pounce on my dog,” Ormiston told Metro. “My dog was right under it. It wasn’t one of the little bears. It was huge.”

The teen acted fast and ran back inside the house. He returned with a pot and wooden spoon and began banging the two together. But the bear wasn’t scared of the noises and continued to attack the pup. When the bear wouldn’t retreat, Ormiston even began hitting the bear with the pot. But again, the bear was unafraid.

As the situation grew more dire, Ormiston dashed back inside the house. But this time, he grabbed a knife sitting on the counter.

With Dublin still pinned under the bear, Ormiston went up from behind and stabbed the bear in the back with the kitchen knife. This startled the bear and gave Dublin an opening to escape.

The pair ran back into the house. From inside, Ormiston could see the bear sprinting frantically around the backyard. When he thought the coast was clear, Ormiston went back outside to see if he had dropped the knife.

However the bear was still on the deck, seemingly waiting for the boy to return. “I took one step out and the bear inched forward to me. It was trying to get after me, so I went back inside and got away from the door.”

(In the future, Ormiston, if you find yourself in another knife fight with a bear, we highly recommend not returning to the scene of the attack alone. At night. When there’s potentially an angry bear with a knife sticking out of its back.)

This isn’t the first time the Ormiston family has seen bears in their backyard. In fact, the sightings are so frequent, they’ve developed a habit of turning on the backyard lights and clapping their hands to ensure it’s safe before they let Dublin outside. Ormiston says he did the routine that night too.

Luckily, both the boy and Dublin the dog are safe and uninjured.