The most impressive photos from the Bird Photographer of the Year Awards

After receiving more than 22,000 images from all around the world, the winners of the Bird Photographer of the Year have been chosen. The grand prize of £5,000 (approx. $8,771 CAD) has been awarded to Mexican photographer Alejandro Prieto.

The winning photograph shows a roadrunner looking up at the U.S.-Mexico border with confusion. The image shows the devastating effects the wall had on the species that are native to that region.

“The border wall crosses deserts, mountains, and even mangroves. It is not just desert, and is in fact very biodiverse with more than 1,500 animal and plants species threatened by the wall,” says Alejandro Prieto. “I have watched many different animals reach the wall before turning around and heading back,” he added.

The Young Bird Photographer of the Year 2021 was awarded to 17-year-old Swiss photographer Levi Fitze for his image of black grouse lekking at sunrise.

Bird Photographer of the Year is a global competition dedicated to celebrating the beauty of birds across the world. This year, photographers competed in eight different categories in the adult competition:

  • Best Portrait
  • Birds in the Environment
  • Attention to Detail
  • Bird Behaviour
  • Birds in Flight
  • Black and White
  • Urban Birds
  • Creative Imagery

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