The best memes of Bernie Sanders in cottage country

For those of you who missed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at the presidential inauguration, the senator was captured looking casual, and, well, cold as he watched U.S. President Joe Biden’s swearing-in. What ensued can be described as a viral meme that has taken social media by storm. Canadians and Americans alike have taken to superimposing Bernie in all sorts of places including Cottage Life staff who took part in the fun and shared a picture of Bernie on the dock in winter. Our readers were quick to respond and shared their own pictures of Bernie all over cottage country—ice fishing, snowmobiling, and huddling around the campfire.

We’ve rounded up the best Bernie Sanders memes in cottage country for your enjoyment. P.S. if you’re looking to get your hands on those fabulous upcycled mittens he’s wearing, the Vermont school teacher who makes them is auctioning off three pairs for charity. The mittens were made out of old discarded sweaters. Here’s a clever way you can repurpose your old sweaters.

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