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3 upcycling projects to try this winter

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Now that the long winter days are fully upon us, finding ways to stay busy and creative is more important than ever. Maybe it’s finding something new that you have been wanting to try, digging out old craft supplies that never got used, or thinking of a way to turn something old into something new. However you keep busy, it will do wonders for your mind. Here are three upcycling projects, using items you likely already have, that will make those winter days brighter and get your creative juices flowing.

This broken light fixture becomes a cheery bird feeder 

Your feathered friends will love you forever when you hang out this new bird feeder. To create it, remove all of the electrical wires and parts from a hanging light fixture that you no longer need. Add a plate to the bottom of the frame if the glass bowl is broken or missing. Spray paint the frame and plate in a bright, bold colour. Hang a birdseed bell from the centre using twine and watch your little friends enjoy their treat all year long. 

Turn an unused cutting board into a plant shelf

Having plants around your home or cottage during the winter will do wonders to boost your mood. For this project, you will need a cutting board and a small wooden plate or wood slice. Cut the edge off of the plate or wood slice creating a flat edge and then glue it about two-thirds of the way down the cutting board. Hold it in place with screws or nails inserted from the back. Once the glue has dried, paint the cutting board and plate. To finish off your piece, loop twine through the hole in the top of the cutting board. Hang your new creation in a sunny spot and add a beautiful plant to the shelf. 

Old wire hanger becomes rustic Valentine’s Day decor

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and creating this rustic heart couldn’t be easier. Start by bending an old wire hanger into the shape of a heart. Rip pieces of an old bedsheet, leftover fabric, or vintage linen into strips that are approximately 1.5 cm by 15 cm. Tie each strip around the heart-shaped hanger. Hang a painted wood heart from a wire in the centre. Display your beautiful Valentine’s heart uniquely by hanging it from a curved branch that has been placed into a vase or pitcher.

These three upcycling projects are just the start of what you can do to bring new life to your home or cottage.

Check out more creative DIY and repurposing projects on Lisa’s website and in her new book Recreated Designs: Cottage Projects With a Vintage Flair.

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