The best brownies ever

Here at Cottage Life HQ, we like to get our party on during the summer. Starting in May through to September, we have a staff barbecue every two weeks. The entire company breaks into teams and plans lunch.

As this is my first year working at Cottage Life, I was warned that people take the barbecues pretty seriously. These are full-on themed events, not just rinky-dink burgers and pre-made salads. For my team’s day, however, we went with a more traditional theme: The Great Canadian BBQ. We made some burgers and homemade salads, and, the crowning glory (in my mind, anyway), my epic Kahlua brownies.

I’m not one to spend much time in the kitchen, but I stumbled on to this recipe a couple years ago when my boyfriend requested it for his birthday instead of a cake. Now, this is not a low-fat recipe or anything that resembles anything that has ever been healthy. In fact, for the one-and-a-half version of the recipe I usually do, it ends up containing a full pound of butter. Still, these are the best, melt-in-your-mouth, fudgy, OMG-delicious brownies ever, so it’s worth it.

We have a lot of people with gluten sensitivities around the office, so I wanted to do a version that everyone could eat. I had already decided to use a gluten-free flour mix instead of regular flour, and in a serendipitous moment, I picked up the wrong chocolate chips—milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet. I think the milk chocolate hid the texture of the gluten-free flour better, so if I were to do a gluten-free version again, I would use the same milk chocolate chips rather than semi-sweet.

Here’s the recipe. Enjoy, and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

What’s your favourite brownie recipe?