The pink portage

Pink portage

Don’t be surprised if you spot a pink canoe moving along the side of the road on your weekend travels to the cottage.

Starting in June, 21-year-old Andrew Metcalfe embarked on a 1,200 km portage across Ontario to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. With three women in his family—his mother, his aunt, and his grandmother—having battled breast cancer, it’s no wonder why he’s decided to become so involved in the cause. How he decided to do so is another question, though his unconventional method has done more than garner media attention. He has also managed to surpass his original fundraising goal by a long shot. Initially hoping to raise $5000, he has now raised nearly $20,000.

Still, he has a long way to go. While the original plan may have been a bit ambitious (he hoped to complete the journey from his hometown in Kingston to Windsor in only 40 days) the goal has been extended to 60 days. Now carrying a canoe over his head that is fully adorned with hundreds of supporter signatures, by day 40, which was this past Sunday, July 15, he had a reported 400 more km to go. The extension also means more time to raise money. If he reaches $25,000, Shoppers Drug Mart will match it, allowing Metcalf to raise 10 times  what he planned.

To donate, find out more or follow Metcalfe’s journey across the province, visit his website at The Pink Portage or follow him on Twitter: @andypinkportage.