The best board games to play when you’re stuck inside

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With a long, cold winter forecast ahead, there’s bound to be plenty of hours to fill while spending time indoors. Why not spend that time playing board games? Not only are they a great way to get people to unplug from their phones, but they’re also a family-friendly activity that helps build communication skills, teamwork, and encourages healthy competition. We’ve gathered a list of new and classic board and card games you can play while stuck inside.

5 Canadian board games for rainy days at the cottage

Board games with marbles


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In this fast-paced game, four players race to advance their marbles across the game board from start-to-finish, while nabbing other players’ marbles along the way. Buy now at Lee Valley.


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This Mancala game board has been exquisitely crafted out of solid wood by a husband-and-wife team based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and is built to last a lifetime. The objective of this two-person game, which dates back to 7th century BC, is to capture all of the other player’s marbles. Buy now on Marble Board Games.

Games with cards

The Hygge Game

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For a cozy night in, try the Hygge Game in which players ask one another a series of questions meant to induce warm, fuzzy feelings. Crackling fireplace not included. Buy now at Uncommon Goods.

Woodcut Memory Game

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Based on his book Woodcut, artist Bryan Nash Gill has created a memory game that challenges players to match pairs of his beautiful arboreal renderings. This highly giftable game comes in a keepsake box and looks great on any cottage lover’s coffee table. Buy now on Amazon.

Basecamp Cards

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This icebreaker game brings players together to answer questions that range from “thought-provoking to goofy.” The game is family-friendly and comes in a beautiful, watercolor-printed tin case. Buy now on Basecamp Cards.

14 board games that double as learning tools


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This tile-based game invites players to decorate the walls of the Royal Palace of Dvora. Whoever can create the most beautiful combination of tiles—without wasting supplies—wins. Buy now on


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A classic board game that never gets old. Players pull out blocks from a stack, and whoever crashes the tower loses the game. Buy now on Amazon.

Guess Who?

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Billing itself as the “original guessing game,” Guess Who? requires players to determine their identity in the game by asking strategic yes or no questions. Buy now on Amazon.

Settlers of Catan

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A family favourite, players must embark on a quest to settle the isle of Catan. In 2015, Settlers of Catan won the “Game of the Century” award at Las Vegas Gamescon. Buy now on Amazon.


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In this classic whodunit game, would-be detectives must compete to solve the mystery of Mr. Boddy’s murder. This version of the game is compatible with Alexa, which can be used to summon the ghost of Mrs. White, who may provide helpful clues, or not. Buy now on Amazon.

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