5 Canadian board games for rainy days at the cottage

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Although we all have our fingers crossed for warm, sunny weather this Canada Day long weekend, mother nature doesn’t always agree. In case you do get hit with a rainy day, here are five Canadian-invented board games that are great for playing indoors:


Warm up your fingers with this shuffleboard-inspired game. First created by Eckhardt Wettlaufer in 1876 in Ontario, players score points in Crokinole by flicking discs at the innermost rings on the board.


Place your bets on this Canadian mixture of poker and rummy. Created in 1940 by the Copp Clark Publishing Company in Toronto, Rummoli requires a Rummoli board, a deck of cards, and chips. Through a system of betting, players attempt to discard cards and obtain chips.

Trivial Pursuit: 

Are you a trivia fanatic? Always answering the Jeopardy questions before the contestants? Then Trivial Pursuit is the game for you. Created by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott in Montreal in 1979, this board game rewards general knowledge. Move your piece around the board by successfully answering trivia questions. In 1993, Trivial Pursuit was named to the “Games Hall of Fame.”


Brush up on your vocabulary. Balderdash, created in 1984 by Torontonians Laura Robinson and Paul Toyne, combines word play with bluffing. Players must guess the correct definitions of words for points—but watch out, some definitions are misleading. The game lived briefly as a television show in 2004 and 2005.

The Game of Things:

Let your imagination go wild. Created by North Bay brothers Tom and Ted Quinn, and friend Mark Sherry, The Game of Things started as a game played with their friends and family, but took off in 2003 after being picked up by a distributor. Today, the game has sold over 1.5 million copies. Players record answers to a question with one player determining their favourite. Answers range from raunchy to factual, but always produce a good time.


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