Terry Fox, maple syrup, and the outdoors top list of what makes Canadians proud

Terry Fox

It seems we have a lot to be proud of as Canadians, and the outdoors, maple syrup, and Terry Fox are just a few.

All three of these neared the top of the list when Abacus Data’s final survey of the year asked Canadians what made them most proud of their country.

For the survey, participants were presented with a list of 78 different things that could evoke pride. Respondents ranked everything from people to landmarks to general sentiments.

At the top of the list was Canadians’ “freedom to live our lives as we see fit.” A full 98 percent said this made them feel some level of pride.

Perhaps not surprisingly the second thing on the list, and first person, was Terry Fox. Chairman Bruce Anderson told CBC News that his high ranking likely has something to do with his embodiment of Canadian values.

“At the top we see Terry Fox whose humility and dogged determination kind of characterized his role in our national psyche and I think that does tell us about the kind of people we like to root for,” Anderson said.

Other Canadians at the top of the list included Gord Downie, Wayne Gretzky, Celine Dion, and David Suzuki.

But the list was made up of much more than people. The third item on the list was “open-mindedness towards others,” the fourth was “politeness,” and seventh was our “enjoyment of the outdoors”—one that all cottagers can agree with.

Of course a list like this would not be complete without mentioning of maple syrup, and according to Abacus Data’s website, the liquid gold landed itself in sixth place.

To see a more complete list of what makes people most proud to be Canadian, check out Abacus Data’s website.

What makes you most proud to be Canadian?