10 quirky facts about living in Canada

As a part of a Canada 150 campaign for the Fairmont Hotel, Builtvisible created ten GIFs based on quirky facts relating to the nation. These images, based off vintage posters, are meant to celebrate the Canadian identity and our sometimes odd history.

“These 10 particular facts were chosen to celebrate the true breadth of Canadian culture and entice people to visit,” says Alex Andrews, a marketing executive with Builtvisible. “The idea for this project was to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and the close affinity that Fairmont shares with the nation.”

How many do you know?

1. Some elusive visitors

2.The whisky war

3. It gets cold here

4. Our sweetest export

5. Toe the line

6. Our own Nessie

7. Mac and cheese, please

8. Check it twice

9. Bear-y nice people

10. Sorry, so sorry