Rover just revealed the 10 most popular dog names in Canada

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How did you pick a name for your dog? Did it have something to do with your favourite food, sport, or movie? While we love classics, such as Max and Buddy, it’s always fun to hear what pop culture moments resonate with people each year and filter down to our pets.

Rover recently released its list of the top names for dogs in Canada last year—and although the list didn’t change a lot from 2022, there are a few trending names new to the list.

Here are the most popular dog names of 2023:

Top male dog names

10. Beau

9. Winston

8. Buddy

7. Rocky

6. Teddy

5. Leo

4. Cooper

3. Max

2. Milo

1. Charlie

Top female dog names

10. Willow

9. Stella

8. Rosie

7. Lily

6. Lola

5. Lucy

4. Molly

3. Daisy

2. Bella

1. Luna

Pop culture-inspired dog names

Celebrities dominated new dog names last year, with Donnie up 211 per cent and Elton up 191 per cent. Ed, Kylie, and Tom also made the list. 

Movies and TV shows also significantly impacted dog names, with the name Barbie rising by 34 per cent, and Viper and Thanos rising in popularity. Wednesday Addams, Gomez, Beth, and Tate are also becoming more common.

We can’t fail to mention that 2023 was the era of Taylor Swift-inspired dog names. Karma, Betty, and August were all up last year, while the names Lover, Swifty, and Shimmer hit the list for the first time.

Food-based names

Cupcake, Almond, and Yuka saw the largest rise in popularity in 2023. The name Maple gets a special shout-out for being the fifth most popular food-inspired name in Canada and being cottage-centric. If you’re looking to name your pup after your home-away-from-home, we made a list you can pick from.

Sports-based names

It’s no surprise that Gretzky is the top-growing sports-inspired name in Canada, with a 591 per cent rise in popularity last year. Dillon and Connor also made the list, while Canucks was a new addition.

Want to see if your pet’s name made the list? Check out the full Rover report here.

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