Police issue warning after multiple break-ins in popular cottaging region

Multiple break-ins in the Parry Sound area have prompted the OPP to issue a warning for both home and cottage owners.

According to a report by CTV, policeĀ  in the popular cottage region have been called to 14 break-ins over the past few weeks. Both seasonal cottages and year-round residences have been hit by robbers.

With Thanksgiving weekend on the way, many cottagers in this region and others will be calling it a season, leaving their place on its own for the months ahead.

Of course it’s always best to make a habit of coming to check on your place a few times during the winter months if you don’tĀ  have anyone else doing so. But because weather conditions and other life events don’t always allow that to happen, there are other ways to crime-proof your cottage.

This can include keeping your curtains closed to conceal your items (or open if you want to show that you don’t have any valuables lying around) and adding bolts to your windows.

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