OPP in Nottawasaga ask community to register for security camera database to help with investigations

security camera on a cottage Photo by Sergio Shumoff/Shutterstock

The Nottawasaga detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police is asking businesses and property owners to participate in the CAMSafe program to help reduce the time officers spend searching for security footage to support their investigations into crimes such as theft. According to the CAMSafe website, having access to a detailed registry of CCTV, cloud-based and security cameras would save officers hundreds of hours. It’s even more important in situations where time is of the essence such as robberies or kidnappings.

As part of the program, OPP is creating a database of residential and commercial cameras within a community. The database will contain a list of registered participants and their contact information which officers can retrieve and use to reach out to the property owner for permission to access their footage. Registering for the database does not give officers access to the cameras themselves or any cloud-based applications.

If you’re interested in participating, you are only required to provide basic contact information and camera location. If you want, you can include more detailed information such as the direction of the camera, footage retention details, or screenshots of the camera view. Should you change your mind or want to modify you’re information, you can do so at any time.

To learn more about the CAMSafe program and to register security cameras please visit the website.

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