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6 features every cottager needs in an outdoor camera

From increases in unpredictable weather and cottage theft to the ever-present scourge of off-season critter infestation, there are plenty of reasons why installing outdoor security cameras should be high on your opening-weekend chore list. But not just any camera will do—especially if it’s a camera built with city homes in mind. Every cottage property is different, but they all present challenges some monitoring systems simply can’t meet. 

To maximize your peace of mind when you’re not at the lake, you’ll need to install a camera (or more than one) that has these six cottage-friendly features.

Reliable solar power

Solar power might have a reputation for being intermittent and relying on the sun, but modern panels paired with long-lasting lithium batteries are more powerful and reliable than ever. Meanwhile, most cottages have a much more spotty relationship with power. For an outdoor security camera that keeps working even after fallen limbs from a storm leave power lines in tatters, solar power is a must, and it’s just one of the ways that the V300 Live View Security Camera from Vosker can be powered. And for even more reliable power, Vosker’s external Universal Solar Power Bank works with any Vosker outdoor camera to give you uninterrupted surveillance.

Long-lasting rechargeable batteries

The pathways around your cottage likely have enough roots and rocks already—the last thing you need to contend with is a mess of extension cords criss-crossing your property. That’s why battery-powered cameras are crucial for outdoor monitoring—so long as they’re long-lasting and built to endure the Canadian elements. Vosker’s outdoor security cameras store power in a long-lasting 14,000 mAh lithium battery, and for even more capacity, you can pair them with an extra rechargeable lithium battery pack.

Constant connectivity


Speaking of downed lines and sporadic wi-fi, true autonomy for an outdoor security camera requires cellular connectivity. So long as you have cellular reception at your cottage, you’ll be connected to your camera—and to whatever unexpected things happen while you’re away—thanks to the Vosker V300’s Live View video-streaming mode with 4G LTE cellular connection. And for low-coverage areas, Vosker’s V-ANT01 cellular antenna can boost your signal so you’re always connected.

Portable and versatile

Every cottage property is unique, and cottagers need to surveil a lot more than their sliding deck door. You have toys in your boathouse, tools in your shed, and maybe even a long laneway that encourages neighbourly (and non-neighbourly) snooping. That means you’ll want to be able to position your outdoor security camera where you need it most. Vosker’s outdoor security cameras feature autonomous power sources and cellular receptivity, so you can place them wherever your property requires, giving you peace of mind that’s customized to the lay of your land.

Able to withstand inclement weather

A camera that helps you monitor inclement weather and any weather-related damage to your property with real-time alerts is essential, but it’s just as important to choose a camera that stands up to those elements itself. Vosker cameras are built for withstanding Canadian winters, but for extra protection, they’re compatible with the V-SBOX-2, a heavy-duty steel security box that can be mounted to any surface. Not only will it protect your security camera from fallen trees and other cottage hazards, but it’s also lockable to deter theft.

Easy-to-use app for constant updates

The last thing we want is yet another app that sends updates to our phone—unless those updates are about unexpected issues at our cottage when we’re back in the city. Vosker’s easy-to-use app uses AI to give you smart notifications, and its multi-camera access, live streaming, and HD photo downloads give you complete access to your vacation property no matter where you roam.

Ready to reliably monitor your cottage property with a complete mobile surveillance system? Learn more about the Vosker V300 outdoor security camera.