Not sure if you want to camp or cruise? This amphibious trailer will let you do both

Sealander interior

Here’s a logic problem for you: Jill has one boat, one trailer, and one powerful itch to get outdoors. She also has one car, with a single hitch on the back. If Jill has just one weekend to get out into cottage country, should she: A) drive off into the woods with her trailer, knowing she can camp wherever she pleases? B) hitch up her boat and head to the lake to spend a day sailing on a serene body of water? C) Give up and stay home watching reruns of The Amazing Race?

If you’ve ever struggled with a similar dilemma, you’ll be happy to learn that a German company has introduced an option D: the Sealander. The Sealander, aka der schwimmercaravan, is a hybrid camper/boat that lets you move easily from land to water. How does it work? Well, basically, just add water. The camper’s design is similar to a flatboat. Push it into a body of water, and it floats without any modifications beyond fastening the motor—no launching gear required.
View from inside Sealander railer
The trailer itself is tiny, even by trailer standards, but it uses its space incredibly efficiently. A small sitting area converts into a bed, and there is also a basic kitchen depending on the interior modules you choose. The top of the trailer rolls up like a convertible’s to let in sun (or let you stargaze before bed).

Currently, the only snag is the pricetag: around €15,000. Still, if you’ve got the cash, you can be the most versatile outdoorsperson around. Just don’t forget your swimsuit!