This hammock’s built-in lighting and mattress take sleeping under the stars to the next level

Eagles Nest Hammock

We’ve all spent afternoons reading in a hammock, later declaring that we’re spending the night there. Then, when it comes time to actually follow through, most of us end up slinking back into the tent or cottage as soon as things start to get a bit cold or uncomfortable. But Eagles Nest Outfitter’s DoubleNest LED hammock could change that.

The new hammock’s main feature is the string of glowing lights that lines its outer edges, which is perfect for late-night reading, adjusting your sleeping bag, or finding your way back to the hammock after a trip to the bathroom (or the other side of the campsite). The LEDs are powered by three AAA batteries, and have adjustable settings for brightness, including a flashing strobe mode, though we’re not quite sure what you’d ever need that setting for—a signal for more marshmallows perhaps?

For extra cushion, Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) designed an air mattress that fits inside the DoubleNest perfectly. According to ENO, the AirLoft is the world’s first self-inflating air mattress designed specifically to be used in a hammock.

But lighting and comfort aren’t the only things you have to consider if you’re planning to spend the night outside—there’s also the temperature. Luckily, the air mattress is equipped with a set of inflatable wings, which provide insulation for the extra-nippy nights in late spring and early fall.

Sure this hammock’s new features won’t help you get in and out of it safely, which is still our biggest concern, but they at least make it a little more comfortable once you’re in. And anyone who’s ever slept under the stars knows just how magical it can be—especially with a buddy.

Given you’ve found sturdy and appropriately spaced trees, this two-person hammock can support up to 400 pounds. Both it and the mattress can be had for $100 a piece, which in our opinion, is a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep in the bush.

For more information on the DoubleNestLED hammock and the AirLoft mattress, see Eagles Nest Outfitters’ website.

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