Norwegian man jumps into ice-covered lake to rescue a trapped duck

If you were strolling by a lake in the dead of winter and saw a duck trapped under the ice, you might search for a stick to poke a hole, or maybe throw a heavy rock, to create a break in the surface.


Apparently if you’re Langøien Karl, you just go ahead and jump in.


The 36-year-old Norwegian native was already dressed for swimming, as he takes part in a (somewhat insane) hobby of “ice bathing,” which involves going for winter dips. When he spotted the duck, he dropped his towel and wasted no time jumping to the rescue.


Karl went the extra distance on shore, performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the stunned duck, breathing life back into its feathered body.


While we applaud this man’s courageous actions, he has clearly acclimatized to the harsh shock to the system that frigid winter waters bring. We urge you not to try a similar stunt, as he could have just as easily ended up in need of rescue himself.


We salute you, Duck Whisperer! May all your future ice swims be refreshing and brisk!