Deer breaks in to New Jersey home, trashes bathroom

It’s every homeowner’s fear: an unscrupulous intruder breaks into your home, running amok and completely wrecking the place.

Of course the assumed perpetrator in this scenario would be a human, not a confused deer. But in Galloway, New Jersey, a deer managed to break through two front doors of a residential house, causing major damage through the halls and in the bathroom.

The powerful deer was certainly determined to get inside. Panes of glass on the storm door were shattered, and the main door frame was damaged.

Police report that 911 was called at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday by a woman who reported that a deer burst into her house while she was cooking in the kitchen. She followed the deer’s path of mayhem deeper into the house, then managed to lock it in the bathroom until help arrived.

Police were able to non-lethally capture the deer and release it into the wild.