Motorcyclist captures close call with moose on Trans-Canada Highway

Motorcycle nearly hits moose

For some, nearly colliding with a moose while driving a motorcycle might make them think twice before hopping back on their bike. For Adam Cahill, it merely prompted him to strap a camera to his helmet—and it’s a good thing he did.

Less than a week after his first moose encounter near Appleton, Newfoundland, he had another close call. Cahill spotted the moose coming up the embankment next to the road when he was driving along the Trans-Canada Highway near Gander.

He jerked his bike to the left, inching closer to the oncoming truck. With the swift and perfectly timed maneuver, he sandwiched himself between the moose and the vehicle, narrowly missing them both. Filled with adrenaline, he burst into excited laughter before he began cursing at the top of his lungs.

“I almost took the biggest bite out of a moose burger I ever ate,” Cahill told CBC News. “I was definitely not thinking about my language, that’s for sure.”

The camera he strapped to his helmet just days before captured it all. Cahill uploaded the video of his near-miss to Facebook, and it quickly amassed tens of thousands of views. 

According to some commenters, it’s Cahill’s comical reaction that truly makes the video. But despite his excitement, the gravity of the situation is not lost on him.

“Everything was at the right moment for me to miss it, that’s for sure,” he said. He’s especially lucky, since he wasn’t wearing any protective gear besides his helmet.

“I didn’t even have my coat on, or anything like that. I was just out in a hoodie, bombing around town,” he said.

Cahill wasn’t expecting to see any moose that day, but he’s since realized “they can come out of anywhere,” and says he’ll be keeping a sharp eye on the road moving forward.