Moose on the loose surprises Quebec skiers

This truly is a case of a moose on the loose.

Earlier this month, skiers at Mount St. Anne in Quebec encountered an unexpected creature on the slopes—a confused moose on the hill.

Captured in this amazing three-minute video, the moose explores the hill as nearby skiers and snowboarders take in the unusual sight.

At various points in the video, the moose gets fairly close to a pack of skiers and there are several close calls with the person behind the camera. Remarkably, however, no one seems alarmed by the moose. It seems much more interested in exploring the new snowy terrain—and likely finding a way back off the fenced-in hill—than disturbing the skiers.

The moose is believed to have come via the icy forest surrounding the hills.

Eventually, an official attempts to herd the gallivanting moose back into the forest, but to no avail, as the moose appears confused by all the attention.

The video ends with the moose still on the loose. For all we know, the creature has left this green hill for a double black diamond or the half-pipe.