Driver survives a gut-wrenching close call on Ontario’s Highway 11

Ontario’s Highway 11 takes you north from Barrie all the way past Lake Nipigon—and for one lucky-to-be-alive truck driver, through a death-defying traffic ordeal that, for some, would leave a mark on both their soul and their driver’s seat.

On the morning of January 4, on the King’s Highway 11 near Nipigon, an oncoming tractor-trailer attempted to pass a snowplow and ran an infuriated Art Ginter and his fully loaded truck into the guardrail. According to the driver’s wife, who uploaded the above dash-cam video to YouTube, the other truck driver didn’t even stop after causing the collision.

As the close call unfolds, Ginter can be heard screaming “What the hell are you doing?” in a terrified falsetto. And given just how close he came to a head-on collision with the truck’s grill, it’s a testament to Canadian politeness that his language wasn’t more foul.

“I applied my brakes, and it wasn’t slowing down,” the Winnipeg native told the CBC. “I was roughly 82,000 pounds and going downhill.”

The OPP is currently investigating the incident, aided by the above footage.

Update: OPP have since used the above footage to identify the other vehicle, and charges are now pending against a 31-year-old man from Milton, Ont.

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