Watch a lynx stroll alongside skiers in B.C.

Photo by James Ngo

An unusual visitor was spotted casually strolling through the Big White Ski Resort—and it wasn’t wearing appropriate ski wear.

Lynx at Big White Ski Resort

We had a very special guest visit us at Black Forest yesterday. Thanks to James Ngo for capturing this on camera! #bigwhite

Posted by Big White Ski Resort on Sunday, March 12, 2017

James Ngo captured this video of a lynx on a ski hill in Kelowna, British Columbia. It’s unusual to see the big cat in such a populated area, as lynx tend to stay away from public spaces and prefer deep forests.

While it may seem cool to cruise down a hill alongside this beautiful animal, it’s important to keep your distance. Remember, it may not seem as intimidating as a cougar, but lynx are not to be messed with.