Alaska man captures video of six lynx chasing snowshoe hare through the snow

lynx chasing hare

Everyone knows that the wildlife in Alaska is diverse and abundant, and this video is perfect proof of that.

Although Canada lynx are often labelled elusive, an Anchorage resident caught a glimpse of not one, but six of the wild cats running through the snow in pursuit of prey.

Jason Rohwer was out for a day of sledding with his son when they spotted one of the lynx in the brush nearby. It wasn’t until the cat ran out into the open while chasing a snowshoe hare that it became clear to Rohwer that there was more than one.

“It was pretty exciting to see the group in action,” Rohwer told Earth Touch. It was also a rare opportunity to see how the cats’ tremendous paws can help them move through snow.

Although it’s not part  of the video, Rowher told reporters that one of the lynx eventually captured the snowshoe hare they were chasing. According to Smithsonian Magazine, these hares make up about 96 percent of the cats’ winter diet. 

“We watched them eat it for a little while, as they didn’t seem to mind us being within a 20- to 30-foot distance. It was fun to watch them hang out while each one took a turn eating what it wanted,” he said.

For most, witnessing an event like this would be lucky enough. But it’s not the first time Rohwer has seen a group of lynx. This past summer, he and one of his other sons came across a litter of lynx kittens inside their den. 

Because the animals’ range is very small when prey is plentiful, and lynx tend to stay with their mothers for at least a year, Rohwer suspects this group is the same family he spotted then.

He and his son watched the cats feast on the snowshoe hare for about 10 minutes before another group of people showed up with a dog, causing the shy animals to run for cover and take the carcass with them. 

They initially left the snowshoe hare’s head behind, but one of the cats came back to retrieve it. 

“It was fascinating to see one of them come back to find it,” Rohwer said.