Introducing Cottage Life e-books

Cottage Life is pleased to announce its new e-book publishing program. Our inaugural e-books are Winter Cottaging: How to enjoy your cottage all year round and Cottage Trees and Plants: Keeping your forest healthy. Found wherever e-books are sold, they can be purchased by following the links below.

Winter Cottaging
With new cottages being built for four-season use and more cottagers winterizing old buildings, it’s never been easier to use a cottage in the winter. But this season brings a special set of questions and problems. What’s the best way to protect the plumbing from the cold and the ice? What are these odd tracks and unfamiliar noises? How well will our gear survive if we leave it all winter? Winter Cottaging is a collection of our favourite questions from Cottage Life magazine readers and answers from experts, about one of the most rewarding times of year. Start reading Winter Cottaging on the device of your choice:

Cottage Trees and Plants
Over the years, Cottage Life magazine has received many questions about cottage-country flora, and we’ve found experts who can provide answers. Cottage Trees and Plants: Keeping your forest healthy includes some of the most intriguing questions and answers, with practical advice to help you nurture the forest at your cottage. Start reading Cottage Trees and Plants on the device of your choice:


Coming Soon:Cottage Bugs and Green Cottaging