Hacks to salvage overcooked meat

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So you’ve left the steaks or chicken breasts on the grill too long, and they’re overdone. Don’t panic, says chef Alida Solomon, a Georgian Bay cottager and the owner of Toronto’s Tutti Matti restaurant. But don’t serve those jaw-straining hunks of meat whole.

“That’s horrible,” she says. Instead, cut them into thin pastrami-ish slices. Solomon serves sliced steak over a salad with a flavourful dressing. “At the restaurant, we put Greek yogurt in a blender with a little honey, basil, mint, wholegrain mustard, a couple of capers, and some red vinegar and olive oil.” Overdone chicken, pulled like pork, also works in a salad. Or use it sliced the next day in sandwiches, tacos, or fajitas.

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How would the chef rescue overdone pork? “Tonnato—that’s tuna mayo—with tons of arugula, on a pita or on sourdough,” she says. “Add deep-fried shallots. They’re just delicious.”

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This article was originally published in the May 2019 issue of Cottage Life.

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