Gift Guide: For the gourmet food lover

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Just about everyone has a foodie friend who always buys the highest quality coffee beans, buys canned San Marzano tomatoes imported straight from Italy and can’t stop extolling the values of kosher salt. But choosing a gift for the gourmet food lover can pose a significant challenge. We’ve used our culinary expertise to round up the best gifts for gourmet food lovers that even those with the most highbrow of palates will appreciate.

1. Cocktail Smoker

What to buy for the gourmet food lover who has everything? This handheld cocktail smoker, which comes with wood chips, can be used to smoke meats or create the perfect woodsy infusion for a craft cocktail.

2. Recipe Journal

For those who live to eat rather than eat to live, a recipe journal is the perfect place to record meal-related memories. A good book of hand-written recipes can even be passed down for generations to come.

3. BBQ Bear Claws for Pulled Pork

These BBQ bear claws are as functional as they are charming. In addition to resembling an actual bear’s claw, they can shred an 8 pound shoulder roast in under a minute.

4. Farmer’s Market 2021 Wall Calendar

For lovers of heirloom tomatoes and unique vegetable varietals, this wall calendar makes an excellent non-perishable gift for a gourmet food lover.

5. Luxe Infused Salt Gift Set

This gift set includes six different flavours of infused salt: sriracha, lime, espresso, jalapeno, black truffle and chardonnay. Great for mixing unique cocktails or just experimenting with adding more flavour to classic recipes.

6. Oil and Vinegar Cruet Dispenser Bottle

Every gourmet food lover already makes their own salad dressing, but this cruet, which mixes the olive oil and vinegar upon pouring, makes the process even simpler than in already is.

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7. Large Cherry Wood Cutting Board

This handcrafted, made-in-Canada wooden cutting board will make the laborious task of chopping vegetables all the more enjoyable. It comes treated with food-grade mineral oil and cutting board wax to prevent cracking and warping.

8. Butcher Block Conditioner and Cutting Board Oil

A good quality butcher’s block should be able to withstand a lifetime of mincing and chopping, but even the hardiest of cutting boards sometimes require some TLC. Impress the gourmet food lover in your life with this butcher’s block conditioner and cutting board oil set that will preserve their wooden goods for many more years to come.

9. Kitchen Chef’s Knife

Every gourmet food lover should be in possession of a high-quality chef’s knife. This German stainless steel knife comes with a luxurious wooden handle and was selected as one of the world’s best kitchen knives in 2016.

10. Granite Mortar and Pestle

Spices taste their best when they’ve been freshly crushed, which is why a mortar and pestle is a staple in every gourmet food lover’s kitchen. These versatile tools can be used for crushing herbs for fresh pesto, griding spices into a paste or preparing homemade Caesar salad dressing. You might even want to pick up an extra one for your own kitchen.

11. 10″ Enamel Cast Iron Round Skillet

The gourmet food lover on your list might already own a cast-iron pan, but you can up their cooking game with this enamel cast iron skillet. The cast iron base remains a great heat conductor while the enamel coating makes the pan slightly less fussy. For example, you can wash it with soap.

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12. Fish Corkscrew

This fish-shaped, professional-grade corkscrew will add a rustic edge to any wine-lover’s collection.

13. Natural Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set with Slide-out Drawer

Charcuterie is an important part of any gourmet food lover’s diet, so why not elevate their meat and cheese board game with this sleek board with a slide-out cutlery drawer? It’s both dignified and practical.

14. Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Habanero Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is a hallmark of any gourmet food lover’s diet. The smokey flavour of this whiskey habanero hot sauce will be irresistable to anyone whose palate ranks high on the Scoville scale.

15. Japanese-style Long Handle Spoons

Sturdy wooden spoons that won’t scratch a gourmet food-lover’s precious cookware and look mighty elegant to boot.

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