15 barbecue accessories you didn’t know you needed

Cleaning brush

There’s no doubt that having the right equipment to prepare your food is key to a killer barbecue. But why stop short at tongs and a flipper? Here are 15 barbecue accessories that are sure to impress—and perhaps baffle—even the most skilled grillers.

1. The Tactical Chef Apron

Chef apron

Like any warrior, you need to be fully prepared to go into battle. Suit up before you face the flames, with this apron for “badass outdoor chefs” (not that we know of any other kind). The real MOLLE system will ensure you’re fully equipped and ready for action, with handy holders and pouches for everything from condiments to your cell phone. More info: www.thinkgeek.com

2. The Cyclone Spiral Hot Dog Slicer

Hot dog slicer

Finally, a device that makes hot dogs even easier to cook! This hot dog slicer creates grooves in your sausages and wieners, ensuring they cook evenly and doing double-duty to hold toppings in place. More info: www.quirky.com 

3. The Rockin’ Barbecue Fork

BBQ fork

You could just cookout—or you could fully rock-out. This fork is for true rockstars, but choose your cooking playlist carefully; this is one of those few situations where “Patio Lanterns” might not be the best choice. More info: www.amazon.com 

4. The Condiment Gun

Condiment gun

This is literally the only thing at the cottage that will ever come close to being better than a water gun. Load up the gun with mustard, ketchup or your favourite condiment, and getting ready to fire. More info: www.amazon.com

5. The Grill Master Tee

Grill master

Let everyone know who is in charge in an understated way. The lightweight tri-cotton blend is perfect for standing beside a hot grill on a warm summer day. More info: www.shop.cottagelife.com

6. The Coffee Roaster Drum 

Coffee roaster

Previously, you had to choose whether you wanted to be a coffee snob or a grill master. But with the coffee roaster drum, you no longer need to choose a foodie trend alliance to join. Roast your coffee beans to perfection directly over your barbecue. More info: www.coffeeroastersclub.com 

7. The Motorized Grill Brush

Cleaning brush

Sure, when it comes to cleaning, you could go the classic route of allowing the meat gunk to burn off and then giving the grill a good scour with a wire brush. Or, you could take it to the next level with this steam-operated grill-cleaning brush, which will ensure your barbecue is pristine. More info: www.brookstone.com 

8. The Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot


If the thought of even steam-cleaning your barbecue sounds was too taxing, then this is the product for you. It’s a robot—a robot that will clean your grill. All you have to do is insert a battery, press a button and voila, the little scrubber gets to work. More info: www.bedbathandbeyond.com

9. The Branding Iron 

Branding iron

Such fine grilling deserves recognition; so feel free to leave your mark using this steak-branding iron. With extra letters, it spells out anything you want. More info: www.amazon.com 

10. The BBQ Grill Light

BBQ grill light

If late-night feasts are your thing, this LED light mounts directly to your grill. No midnight hunger pang will go unanswered ever again. More info: www.bedbathandbeyond.com

11. The Cordless Grill Fan


Let’s face it, standing over a barbecue can be hot work. Grab a cool beer and switch on this portable fan, which will also keep smoke away. More info: www.firecraft.com 

12. The Ham Dogger

Ham dogger

Ever been eating a hamburger and thought, “Man, I really wish this was shaped like a hot dog?” Yeah, we haven’t either. But that doesn’t meant we’re not willing to try. More info: www.amazon.com

13. The Pit Boss BBQ Belt

Grilling tool belt

With a slogan like “man your grill,” how can you not want this product? It claims to even have the ability to save your marriage. Never again lose your tools, since they’re attached right at your waist. More info: www.pitbissbelt.com 

14. The iDevices iGrill


There’s no need to constantly check your meat. This device will alert you when your food is cooked. Dual temperature probes allow you to test the temperature of two different types of meat, even from 200 feet away. More info: www.amazon.com

15. The Looftlighter


If you prefer a charcoal barbecue, then this is the tool for you. The Looftlighter uses superheated air to light briquettes in less than 60 seconds without using any lighter fluid. More info: www.looflighter.com