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Essential BBQ gear for the grillmaster in your family

Whoever helms the grill plays an important role in your cottage weekend. But no matter who holds the tongs at your cottage, show them some appreciation by arming them with these essential and innovative tools for their BBQ arsenal. Here’s a rundown of some cool and ideal gear for the type of grillmaster in your family.

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For the Grillkeeper: Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner Set

No one wants to spend a humid afternoon in July scraping charred gunk off their grill grates. But with the Proud Grill Q-Swiper, all of that elbow grease is a thing of the past. It makes grill cleaning easy with the use of moistened, food-contact-safe wipes for a bristle-free, wire-free way to safely remove gunk, grime, and left-over food bacteria from your grill. Combine it with the natural and biodegradable Q-Swiper Reusable Grill Cleaning Cloth to take care of the dirt on the outside and you’ve got the ultimate system for cleaning both your grill grates and your barbecue’s exterior. The Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner Set is widely available at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Home Hardware, Cabela’s, Lowe’s, and Rona, or shop here.

For the Clean Obsessed Griller: Q-Swiper Steam Cleaner Set

For heavy-duty cleaning—especially if you’re reuniting with your beloved grill after a long winter away from the cottage, the new Q-Swiper Steam Clean Grill Cleaner Set uses the power of steam to get rid of the nastiest, gunkiest, caked-on food residue. It includes two reusable heat-resistant Kevlar® cloths that, when dipped in water, use your grill’s heat to steam-clean your grates, whether they’re stainless steel, porcelain, or cast iron. Find the set at Lowe’s and Rona, or shop here.

For the Tech Fanatic: Smartignition Electric Lighters

You’ve filled your cooler, packed your bags, and braved the weekend traffic to finally arrive at the cottage. There’s just one problem: your grill’s starter is shot, and the BBQ lighter in your cottage junk drawer won’t light no matter how furiously you shake it. Thankfully, Proud Grill’s USB-rechargeable Smartignition Electric Lighter keeps cold cuts off the menu when you’re craving steak. This fuel-free electric lighter has a heavy-duty construction and a long, flexible neck, and it uses a windproof electric arc to light everything from your grill and campfire to those hard-to-reach pilot lights. Best of all, you’ll never have to add another plastic BBQ lighter to the landfill. Want something a little smaller and portable for camping or lighting candles? The Smartignition Home & Grill Lighter is really handy to have around your home. The Smartignition BBQ Lighter is available at Home Hardware, Home Depot, and Amazon, and you can find the Smartignition Home & Grill Electric Lighter at Amazon, or shop here.

For the Kabob Connoisseur: Slide & Serve BBQ Skewers

Sure, there are plenty of veggies you can BBQ, but those peppers and onions are a lot more appetizing between shrimp and steak cubes on a skewer. And if you’re sick of fighting to get food off a chared wooden skewer, Proud Grill’s Slide and Serve BBQ Skewers are made of reusable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel. The innovative flat design ensures even grilling, and it prevents the dreaded “skewer spin”, letting you easily flip them with tongs. These offer an awesome plate presentation, and you’ll no longer have to struggle while removing those shrimp from wooden skewers—and potentially flinging them onto your deck boards. The Slide & Serve BBQ Skewers are available at Home Hardware, or shop here.

For the Organized Griller: UltraVersatile Grill Basket

Whether you’re eating plant-based or just so obsessed with grilling that you’re cooking all of your veggies on your deck, the UltraVersatile Grill Basket makes it easy to customize your cooking space and experiment with new flavours while keeping everything organized over the flames. Separate your asparagus from your zucchini, or your peppers from your salmon—or remove the two dividers and load up the full 12” by 7.5” cooking surface with a medley of everything in your fridge’s veggie drawer. The removable handle fits on all four sides of the basket, making it every bit as versatile as your BBQ. The UltraVersatile Grill Basket was recently chosen as the Best Overall Grill Basket by the experts at Good Housekeeping and is available at Amazon.

For the Tool Collector: Connect it BBQ Tool Set

Most cottage-kitchen utensils are an afterthought. The silverware doesn’t match, the glasses are gas-station freebies from the 90s, and the tongs are nowhere to be found when you need them. But if you really care about the art of grilling, it’s time to take your utensil game up a few notches with Proud Grill’s Connect it Magnetic BBQ Tool Set. The sleek, two-piece stainless steel set connects via strong magnetic handles in up to four configurations for use as tongs, a server, and a separate spatula and fork. They can be elegantly combined for storing in your too-small cottage utensil drawer, and you can also magnetically hang them from your grill’s metal side shelf. The Connect it BBQ Tool Set is available at Cabela’s, or shop here.

For the Serious Griller: HeatShield BBQ Glove

Even the most seasoned grillmaster feels the burn now and then, and even minor burns can sting enough to ruin a weekend at the lake. Enter the rugged, heavy-duty HeatShield Protective BBQ Glove, which gives serious grillers reliable heat protection. Its long, split-leather cuff and wool liner protect your wrist and arm, while its Kevlar® fibers provide protection up to 250°C/482°F for 15 seconds of contact or 500°C for eight seconds, so you won’t have to bury your hand in the beer cooler the next time you absentmindedly grab the cast-iron skillet off the grill. Find it at Lowe’s and Rona, or shop here.

To learn more about all these grill innovations check out the Proud Grill Company website, or shop here.

Kevlar® is a trademark of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. and used under license by the Proud Grill Company.