Four-pound wiener dog sacrifices life to save owner from 400-pound black bear

In a series of events that could have been ripped from the saddest Disney movie ever, a heroic four-pound daschund has died after attacking a 400-pound black bear to save his human friends. 

Daschund lovers across the world are mourning for Bradley, the miniature wiener dog who is being credited with saving the lives of two Michigan men.

Saturday afternoon, two men went for a ride on a golf cart in the woods behind Bradley’s owner John Force’s house and brought the pup along for the ride. While in the backwoods, the gang came across a 400-pound black bear and her cubs. No one in the group had ever seen a bear before, but they knew they were in danger as the protective mother stared the group down.

Before the men could react, Bradley was already leaping from the golf cart towards the bear. He attacked the massive animal and a scuffle erupted. The attack scared the bear, but she managed to bite Bradley during the brawl. The tiny dog ran back to the golf cart and the men drove away.

Tragically, Bradley’s wounds were too severe and he died an hour later.

“I think he went out the way he would have wanted to go out,” Force says. “He was a little fighter, a little scrapper, and he didn’t think twice about attacking the bear, I guarantee you. He would have did it again.”

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