Welcome to Sudbury, where bears grow on trees

black bears in a tree

Driving through her neighbourhood last week, Megan Sigurdson saw something that would make most of us do a double-take. In a slender crab apple tree in her neighbour’s yard, four black bears were hanging out and chowing down on apples.

“They were on really small branches. I don’t understand how it worked,” Sigurdson told CBC News. It seems incredible that four large bears could be supported in such a small tree, but they all seem perfectly content there, balancing easily on the branches. At one point, one of the bears can also be heard vocalizing.

The video was filmed in Sudbury, Ontario, where black bears are not at all uncommon, but a whole family up a tree is still a pretty amazing sight. As Sigurdson put it, “It was like a circus.”

According to the description of the video, the bears were a mother and her three cubs. Sigurdson told the CBC that the bears stayed in the tree for about twenty minutes after she came across them, then climbed down and moved on.

It’s like they say: the family that trees together, leaves together.

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