Forestry worker mauled by grizzly while working in B.C.

Photo by Dennis W Donohue/

A man was mauled by a grizzly bear while working near Drainey Inlet, on British Columbia’s central coast this past Wednesday.

Sgt. Scott Norris with the B.C. Conservation Officer Service said that when the attack occurred, other crew members quickly came to the man’s aid. Unfortunately, he still sustained significant injuries.

The victim was sent to a larger hospital on the coast and is still under care.

Officials are still unsure what exactly set off the attack. While bears typically emerge out of their dens during the months of March and April, Norris was hesitant to assume that the bear attacked because of hunger.

“Bears don’t typically look at humans as prey items,” he explained.

A specialized predator attack team was flown into the area on Thursday to assess the situation and determine if there is any risk to the public.