Fish and chips stops across Canada

Fish and chips served in newspaper Photo by Shaiith/Shutterstock

Fish and chips is a classic dish all across the country, so we asked for your favourites from sea to sea—and boy, did you deliver. We’ve included 10 options here, but check out our cross-country fish and chips map for 70 (yes, 70!) more choices. 

Dick’s Fish and Chips in Campbell River, B.C.

Located just south of the BC Ferries dock and right across from Fisherman’s Wharf, it’s no mystery why Dick’s has made it into the Lonely Planet guidebooks for both British Columbia and all of Canada. Their homemade fries are hand-cut to order (you won’t find any taters sitting around here) and you can get gluten-free batter if you request it. If you don’t feel like fish and chips, try an oyster or tuna burger.

The Atlantic Kitchen in Fort Saskatchewan and St. Albert, Alta.

Yes, The Atlantic Kitchen is actually in Alberta, but never fear—this is the real deal for all the displaced east-coasters who are making their home on the prairies, as well as anyone else who’d like to indulge in toutons, fried bologna, a Jiggs dinner, or, of course, the classic combo. Choose from cod, haddock or halibut—and then, if you’re feeling adventurous, follow it with a piece of deep-fried pepperoni.

Gibson’s Fish and Chips in Saskatoon, Sask.

Serving Alaskan cod, Gibson’s makes classic English-style fish and chips that many people call the best in Saskatoon. (Some say it’s the best fish and chips ever.) Want more than just fish? Supplement the classic combo with scallops, shrimp, calamari, or even chicken strips. 

Herbert Fisheries in Killarney, Ont.

Camping in Killarney Provincial Park? Exhausted from climbing the Crack? Head to Herbert Fisheries for a true fish and chips treat. Overlooking George Island and Georgian Bay, Herbert Fisheries offers variations on the traditional cod/haddock/halibut fry-up: fresh-caught lightly battered whitefish. And if you feel like cooking some up for yourself, they offer frozen whitefish, tourt, pickerel, and perch, as well as smoked fish.

Westside Fish and Chips in Huntsville, Ont.

A finalist in the Ontario Food Awards for its traditional English-style fish and chips, Westside is a popular spot in Huntsville with an impressive collection of teapots: more than 400 in all. Offering haddock, whitefish and halibut, Westside is also known for its homemade pies—especially the coconut cream.

Ocean View Takeout in Deer Island, N.B.

Offering “a restaurant menu at a take-out,” Ocean View Takeout is exactly that: a take-out place with a great view. Their fish and chips are super popular, as is their fried clam platter. Keep an eye out for their steak sandwich, too—it’s not fish, true, but it’s so good that its reappearance on the menu is cause for celebration.

Island View Family Restaurant and Bakery in Western Shore, N.S.

When you get on to the east coast, it’s time for lobster, clams, and scallops: lobster rolls, fried clams, and scallops are popular choices at the Island View, but they’re also well-known for their fish and chips. For dessert, grab an ice cream cone, or check out the homemade baking. 

Back East Seafood in Antigonish, N.S.

Back East Seafood is a food truck located in front of Pin’s Bowling Alley in Antigonish. Customers rave about their lobster rolls, clam strips, and, yes, the classic fish and fries combo. Big portions, a friendly staff, and a “burger of the month” add to the experience. 

Doyle Sansome and Sons in Hillgrade, N.L.

It doesn’t get much fresher than being able to watch the fish swim by on Doyle Sansome and Sons’ underwater fish cam. A licensed deck overlooking Notre Dame Bay seems like the perfect place to enjoy fresh lobster, scallops, or “the best fish and chips on Notre Dame Bay.” For dessert, check out the partridge berry cake with vanilla sauce or the molasses buns.

The Duke of Duckworth in St. John’s, N.L.

What better place to enjoy classic English fish and chips than in a classic pub? If you’re not exactly in the mood for fish and chips (cod, of course), you can also choose cod nuggets, fish cakes, or cod au gratin—and you can wash it all down with an extensive selection of Newfoundland beers on draught.

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