Finally, the invention we’ve all been waiting for: the hamdog

the hamdog

An enterprising Australian has come up with an idea that could eliminate one of the most pressing cottage questions: hamburger or hot dog?

To some it may be unthinkable, but entrepreneur Mark Murray has combined the two grill staples to create “the hamdog.” He first pitched the idea on Shark Tank, a TV show that invites inventors to pitch their ideas to investors. Unfortunately, the judges didn’t think the idea merited funding. So Murray did what any determined businessperson would do: patented his invention and started selling it himself.

Two months ago, he opened a marquee to sell hamdogs at markets around Western Australia, and he says they’re flying off the shelves. “At one stage the crew were knocking out about one every 15 seconds. It was amazing,” he told

Hamdog being assembled
Photo by Facebook: Hamdog
A hamdog is born. The assembly process at Murray’s marquee.

The hamdog consists of a hot dog that runs through the middle of a hamburger, both sitting on a combination hamburger/hot dog bun.

Murray is looking for people who would like to become involved in the hamdog business. He’s currently selling the rights for hamdog franchises, hoping that he can spread the word of his invention far and wide. If the business takes off, he’ll also look at expanding his menu, possibly to include gluten free and vegetarian options.