Watch this Orillia man bravely save a skunk with a can stuck on its head

Skunk Coke can

Like the Mounties who freed a skunk from a Tim Hortons cup, one Orillia, ON man risked getting sprayed to save a helpless animal from some garbage.

The video shows the man standing on the street where the skunk is walking in circles, disoriented. He begins to calmly talk to the animal, eventually getting close enough to firmly grip the can stuck on the animal’s head—he believes it was a drippings container from a barbecue.

The man gently begins shaking the can loose, saying soothing things to the skunk—and begging it not to spray him. Luckily, after a tense moment, the animal is freed and simply runs away.

Would you risk a spray to save an animal in trouble?