Watch two massive bull moose battle through a chain link fence

Moose fight through a fence

When bull moose are determined to battle for dominance, there’s very little that can stop them, as this video from Alaska last weekend proved.

The video was shot by Bryan M. Anderson, who had taken his daughter out to go moose-watching in a park near Anchorage. But even he didn’t anticipate seeing such a spectacular show. They came across was a pair of bull moose locked in battle—through a chain-link fence.

The moose clash antlers despite the metal barrier between them, and at one point, one of them makes a genuine charge, pushing the fence several feet in toward his opponent. The other moose then steadily pushes him back to his own side. The raw power of these animals is apparent from the video, and Anderson may have felt glad that their focus seemed to be entirely on one another (though from the sound of things, his daughter’s reaction was of utter amusement).

Male moose tend to fight over females and territory, and their fights are a showcase of their physical strength. Rather than trying to actually gore or harm one another with their antlers, moose try to push one another to prove their power. And apparently, a chain-link fence isn’t barrier enough to prevent this pushing contest from taking place.

We don’t know who the victor was in this particular battle, or what the moose were fighting over, but we do have one hope: that the winner was on the same side of the fence as his prize.