World’s most polite bear is embarrassed away from occupied tree stand

bear climbing ladder

Tree stands are meant to give hunters and wildlife observers a better vantage point from which to view wildlife—but what about when the wildlife comes to them?

In this video, a black bear is seen climbing the ladder to a tree stand, seemingly unaware that it’s already occupied. While many people would find this situation alarming, the person who took the video knew exactly how to handle it: with a few gentle words.

“Hey, what’re you doing there?”

At these words, the bear looks up, and his expression turn to what we can only describe as pure embarrassment. Clearly, he hadn’t expected to run into anyone else at the top of the ladder, and his response is to quickly descend once again and run back into the bushes.

The video was apparently filmed in Newfolden, Minnesota, though some commenters have described the man’s tactics as a very “Canadian” way of scaring away a bear. Or perhaps the bear itself, in its politeness, has learned something about social etiquette from its neighbours to the north.

Ether way, with a story of an intense grizzly attack making the rounds this week, it’s nice to see a video of a bear essentially saying “my bad,” and going calmly on his way.

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